Breast Cancer Restoration

Tissue Based Breast Restoration

Breast Cancer Restoration | GlendaleTissue flaps are one of the most common forms of breast restoration, as they supply additional muscle tissue and skin to camouflage implants and help them look more natural, or recreate the breast mound with no need for implants or other foreign materials. These procedures involve taking skin, fat and/or muscle, usually from the abdomen or back, and placing them in the breast area after a mastectomy. The flap may remain attached to its original blood supply, or can be reattached to another part of the body.

Because of the natural tissue used, tissue based restoration produces warm, soft breasts that lasts for many years.

There are several different types of flaps that can be used during breast restoration, depending on the condition of the breast after mastectomy, as well as the personal preference of the patient. Your doctor will discuss these options with you prior to your restoration procedure to ensure that you receive the most appropriate treatment for your individual needs.

The results of breast restoration vary depending on the patient's individual case and the type of flap used. While we strive to achieve the most natural-looking results for each patient's reconstructive procedure, reconstructed breasts will not have the same sensation and feel of a real breast. It is important for patients to remember this and have realistic expectations for their restoration procedure.

The different types of breast restoration procedures we perform are listed below:

Candidates for Tissue Based Breast Restoration

Breast Cancer Restoration | GlendaleIn general, tissue based breast restoration is recommended for patients who do not have enough skin or tissue in the breast area after mastectomy and require additional coverage for a breast mound or to cover an implant.

Although breast restoration of any kind is considered a beneficial procedure for many women, it is not for everybody. In order to achieve successful results from these procedures, women should be in good general health and able to handle the stress of a surgical procedure. Certain factors may increase a patient's risk of complications with breast restoration surgery, so you should speak to your doctor about whether or not tissue-based reconstruction is right for you.

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Dr. Ashjian is a very personable, pleasant and professional. He took the time to listen to my concerns and answer my questions. I without hestitation recommend Dr. Ashjian to anyone who needs plastic surgery. I recommend him highly.
John L.

From the first phone call to the first appointment the staff was accommodating and moved very quickly to get my procedure completed with perfection and with very little down time...Thanks to the fine Dr. And his wonderful staff.
Sincerely, Shelley H.

Dr. Ashjian listened to my requests and answered all of my questions without rushing me through. The results of my breast reduction are awesome! I couldn't be happier. The scarring is minimal and I am thrilled with how my body looks and feels. Thank you, Dr. Ashjian and staff.

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